Monday, September 10, 2007

Print card with your hand

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Color Changing Aces


The red aces magically switch places with the black aces. Remember - good magic is simple!!
First, remove all of the aces from the deck. Set the rest of the deck to the side.
Show that there are four aces, and explain that two are red and two are black.
Ask a volunteer from the audience open their hand.
Set up the aces black, red, black, red.
Do a double lift (this is where you pick up the top two cards from the deck but hold them together so that they look like only one card).
Show these two cards as a red ace. Set both cards down on the packet and slide the top card off. Say "Red." as you place this black card into their outstretched palm.

Now slide the top card (red) to the left a little bit as you grab the bottom two cards in your right hand and show them as one. (Is this called a bottom lift?) Set both cards back down on the packet and slide the top card off. Say "Red." as you place this black card into their palm.
Place the other two cards onto the table as you say "Black." pause "Black."
Now for the fun part. Do something magical to make them think that you are performing some real magic. Wave your hands over the cards. Have them rub the cards on the table, or between their palms.

Now ask the volunteer to flip the cards face up. Of course they are black.
Say "If these are the black cards, these must be red." Flip over the red cards and bow to the applause. You've just performed the color changing aces!

Springing the Cards

Ever seen a magician spring cards from hand to hand? Sure you have! They did it on Friends (but Rachel was using a trick deck). And you always see pictures of magicians doing this. But when you try, they all seem to fall to the ground. There are some subtle secrets to doing this right. Ready to learn?
Here's how you can impress your friends.

Hold the deck in your right hand and bend the cards so that they bow inward to your hand. Let them slide and spring off your thumb. It will sound like you flipped through the deck really quick. Your hand will go from the shape of a "c" to the shape of a swan (if you are making shadow puppets on the wall) by the time you are done.

This trick does take a lot of practice, but here's how you need to learn it:

Start off by just springing the cards. Try to keep it nice and even. Just work on this for awhile until you can kind of control where the cards are going.
Next, spring them into your left hand. But do this really close together. Practice with your left hand up against your chest as a backdrop as the cards shoot into it.
Now this is the cool part that most people don't know. Use your pinky of your left hand as a stopper. Your left hand will look like you are waving to someone, but the pinky will be pointing straight toward the cards. This works great! No one really even notices this when you do it, and it just works perfectly.
Now slowly move away from your chest with the cards.
As you get better, bring your hand further and further apart.
When you are springing the cards, start with your hands close together, move them apart, and then at the end bring them back together.

This is a fun trick, but the sound WILL get annoying while you practice to any family members, roommates, co-workers, or cellmates. This shouldn't be too much of a problem, but if you really DO have cellmates, I wouldn't suggest doing this trick.

Basic Rules of Magic

There are some basic rules of magic. Break any one of them and you have ruined not only the magical mystery of the effect, but you lose the credibility and respect for taking the time to practice the effect to get it to perfection.
  1. Don't EVER tell the secret.
    Most people will ask how you do a trick if you did it well. Just say "I never tell my secrets, sorry." Most likely, they won't persist. If they do, just say, "I am sorry, I just can't." Sometimes you can take the pressure off of this by performing another trick. Resist the urge to give in. The fun in magic lies in the secret. Tell them the secret and the mystery and fun is lost.
    The masked magician with his "All the Secrets of Magic Revealed" might have gotten good ratings on Fox, but everyone from little children, to adults, to magicians have lost all respect for this man. When you're performing you'll gain respect from the audience, just don't lose it. Trust me. Don't tell the secret. Just don't.
    The one exception to this rule is teaching someone who is truly interested in performing magic. I never hesistate to share my secrets with fellow magicians, including people just getting started in magic. If someone is really interested in learning how to perform the trick but they haven't done magic yet, hold off on telling them the secret to that trick, but teach them how to do a different trick, perhaps one of the magic tricks on this site!
  2. Only perform magic in the perfect situations.
    Ideally, you should only perform when asked, but if they have never seen any magic before, test the audience out with one trick. Don't ever assault someone by showing them trick after trick.
  3. Leave them wanting more.
    Part of the fun in magic lies in the audience wanting more. This also assures that you don't overstay your welcome and start to bore someone. Some people like magic more than others, so you will have to experiment with this. This rule is is a classic in showbusiness.
  4. Learning one trick very well is better than learning 100 tricks partially well.
    The memory of one well performed trick will stick in the memories much better than lots of medicore tricks. Expand your knowledge by learning many tricks, but focus on only a handful to really perfect.
  5. Practice to absolute perfection. Then practice some more.
    Don't ever perform a trick in front of an audience that you don't know perfectly. This will take hours, sometimes days, and sometimes weeks and months to get a trick working perfectly. Do not compromise.
    So you want called a great magician? You want people to call you a great card trick guy? A great magician? A great showman? A great person? A funny guy?
    Then trust me on this, follow these rules strictly - and they will